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Testimony Campaign

It's time to tell your story.

We're here to empower believers to share their story. Our resources and author tracks will help you to:

✓ Organize & structure your testimony 

✓ Discover your audience & writing style 

✓ Convey your story in a compelling, industry-excellent way.

✓ Publish your story into a book

We'll equip you, then publish your book!

Why you should tell your story.

Courses & Author Tracks

You don't have to be an English major or an aspiring author to have a reason to tell your story. We've made it easy and affordable for just about anyone to learn how to write their testimony in a powerful & structured way so that you end up with a shareable book in hand.

Testimony Writing E-Course

Description: This self-paced e-course offers over 60 minutes worth of video content, a downloadable PDF worksheet, and all the information you will need to outline and structure your story and turn it into a powerful manuscript that's ready for publishing and sharing.

$149.99 or $55/mo


Testimony Writing E-Course
(with publishing)

Description: This author track includes everything from the Testimony Writing E-course, plus three (3) private 1:1 author coaching sessions and a publishing deal to bring your manuscript to life in the form of a published e-book & paperback.

$2,500 or $265/mo

10 months

10-Week Testimony Writing Course

Description: This 10-week small group intensive training is led by author coach & publisher, Delfina Geus. Coaching sessions follow the Testimony Writing Course curriculum in an interactive, workshop-style setting.

*Video conferencing available.

$750 or $265/mo

2.5 months

10-Week Testimony Writing Course 
(with publishing)

Description: This author track includes participation in the 10-Week Testimony Writing Course intensive workshop, plus five (5) private 1:1 coaching sessions and a publishing deal to bring your story to life in an e-book & paperback book.

$3,360 or $250/mo + $360 down

12 months

You can always add-on publishing services later.

Want to take it one step at a time? You can always start with a class and add-on publishing services later. We will transfer what you paid for the e-course or 10-week class as a credit you toward publishing your book later (so long as it's within a 10-month period after your initial purchase.)

*Terms & Conditions apply*

Fundraising Support

Need help funding your project? Find out about our tax-deductible fundraising support for authors made possible by our partner, Cultivating Humanity, a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Redding, CA.

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