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About us

Geus Publishing Group is an independent, hybrid publisher in Redding, CA founded in 2023. We specialize in developing writers and launching authors. We offer e-writing courses, group intensives, 1:1 author coaching sessions, and a full range of publishing services. We publish all kinds of books -- from picturesque coffee table hardcovers, to paperback novels and personal growth books, illustrated children's books, business manuals and booklets, recipe books, devotionals, workbooks, graphic novels, e-books, audiobooks, and more! If you can imagine it, we can help you share it with the world.

Our Team

We are a husband & wife duo. We handle everything from onboarding, coaching & equipping authors, developing manuscripts, designing covers and managing quarterly author royalty payouts. In a busy season, we will outsource some work to professional editors, proofreaders & designers, but generally we are hands-on with all our authors to make being part of Geus Publishing Group like family.

About the founder

Delfina Geus

Hi, I'm Delfina Geus, publisher and founder at Geus Publishing Group, INC. I'm an author, artist, speaker and entrepreneur. I've been coaching all kinds of creatives for over eighteen years. In 2015, I became a professional writer in New York and had my work published in major health and wellness magazines such as HERS, Men’s Fitness, FLEX, Muscle & Fitness. I’ve worked with countless brands in health and wellness and interviewed many top-level performers, athletes, and influencers over the years. 

Early Years

As a teenager, I was already passionate about communication and writing. I grew up speaking Spanish, and later picked up French and Italian. In high school, I traveled the United States and Europe winning debate competitions for the model United Nations program. Then, when I was 20 years old, I was discovered as a professional songwriter and signed to a music publishing deal. I went on to debut as a singer/songwriter in 2010 where I opened for JLO and performed my original song, "Window" in front of 1.2M people in Times Square on NYE. My music was broadcast all over the world and on national TV commercials with Nivea. Leading up to that, I was a professional model in Los Angeles getting to know what it takes to represent the creative voice of brands and companies.


In 2023, a few years after having a life altering encounter with Jesus, getting married and moving to Redding, CA, I finally wrote my first book, "If I Can Heal, You Can Heal: The Impossible Story of How I Got Free from 60 Symptoms of PTSD" and published it in 4 different languages and 12 different editions worldwide from audiobooks, e-books, paperback books and tool booklets.

It's my mission now in 2024, to help launch kingdom writers and creatives with powerful stories and ideas so together we can bring God's love into the world.

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If I Can Heal, You Can Heal, book by Delfina Geus in all languages


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