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The 'Authority' of an Author

You have something of value to impart to your readers. That's why you're a writer. Now let's talk about your authority as an author.

You don't often find authors saying 'sure,' 'I think,' 'I guess,' 'maybe,' or 'probably.' Maybes and probablys don't make good books. Flat out. Authors, as the name implies, carry the authority on the subject and perspective they are writing about because they have journeyed through something they've mastered and are now called to share with a specific group of people.

Good authors take the time to research their topic, talk to real people about their solutions or ideas in order to craft an incredible product that deserves to live forever on people's shelves and in their hearts and minds. Still, the confidence of an author doesn't come from owning a printed version of their idea, but in seeing how their ideas help shape people's lives in some way.

Stepping into this authority is the most challenging and important part of being an author and it requires coming out from behind the computer to interact with readers who need to hear what you have to say. It's the people, not the profits, that motivate good authors and lend to power behind their authority. Good authors can rest knowing they've responded to the call inside them to make a difference, that they've put in their best work even if it meant sacrificing opinions to discover solutions that truly connect with and communicate breakthrough or joy to your readers.

Anytime my writers get stuck, I remind them to get back to the simplicity of what makes up an author's authority: the purpose (the why) and the people (the who). The 'how' part of writing or creating is easy if you can remember your why and your who. In fact, it's the people and purpose that motivate an author to finish their work and share it generously with the world beyond what any monetary incentive can generate within them. Getting connected and connecting with others through your book is the authority piece every writer inspires to possess.

In essence, the authority of an author is in knowing that they can, and will, and have influenced their readers in a positive way. A published book is a prize to the writer who's pushed past self-doubt and difficulty to bless others with their vulnerability and curious findings. And, yet, a book in hand is only the beginning, for the real crown of victory is in knowing that you've impacted the lives of others with your ideas and that your voice really matters (and you can't get there unless you battle it out to the finish line!)


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Delfina Geus, author and founder of Geus Publishing Group

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