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The Journey of Becoming an Author

"What does it really take to get my book out there?" ~ Asks every writer.

"And when will I ever be done with writing this book?!"

The Journey of Becoming an Author

Becoming a published author is an exciting, creative journey that few people ever take. It's a road reserved for the rugged innovators who believe they have something to say that deserves to be pushed above the noise.

So what's it all about?

Phase One (3 months)

I tell my authors that developing the manuscript (aka, what your book is called before it's a book) is the most fun part. It's where you get to be creative, try out ideas, ask questions, get to know your target audience, make mistakes, develop your authority, hit the backspace button a couple thousand times, and take risks with your voice. This is what I call 'Phase One' on the journey toward becoming an author. All the editing, proofreading, overthinking, and perfecting falls into phase one until both you (the writer) and me (the publisher) can agree that your manuscript is a product ready to be packaged and sold.

Phase Two (2-3 months)

Phase Two is the packaging and selling phase of the publishing journey. It's where your manuscript undergoes the transformation of being a Google Doc to becoming a formatted PDF ready for print with a credits page, table of contents, page numbers and more. It's a phase filled with almost as many decisions as you would make planning a wedding (I wish I was kidding.) We decide branding, colors, fonts, font size, graphics, inserts, title page, back cover text, author bio, author description, pricing and more. At the end of much churning, we end up with a ready to print book that then goes off to the press to become your very first author 'proof' copy -- the first copy ever printed of that you get to hold in your very hand to approve or improve.

Phase Three (1-3 months)

Once you and I have decided on a final, final version of the book, Phase Three begins. This is where you get launched as an author. The thrill and vertigo sets in as you step out from behind your laptop and in front of people to share with them your masterpiece. We send out 20-30 books to your beta-readers who will like and review your book for the online stores before your real launch. Then, we plan your launch party, because after all, a book is not a book without a party, and you are not an author until you sign your first book :)

Beyond the book

This completes our time of working intensively together, and marks the end of the invoices (phew) and the beginning of receiving your share of author royalties. As your publisher, we manage and collect your royalties and pursue distribution deals on your behalf. Publishing deals are set up at the start before we embark on this journey together.


Have questions about whether your manuscript is ready to publish? Schedule a free 15-min call with me today, or submit your work for review, and take that first step toward getting published!


Delfina Geus, author and founder of Geus Publishing Group

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