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Developing Writers & Launching Authors

Are you called to tell your story? At Geus Publishing in Redding, CA we develop writers, launch authors and offer book publishing for all kinds of books - from picturesque coffee table hardcovers, to paperback novels and personal growth books, illustrated children's books, business manuals and booklets, recipe books, devotionals, workbooks, graphic novels, e-books, audiobooks, and more! If you can imagine it, we can help you create it!

Book Publishing Services


Author Coaching & Manuscript Development

We're here to help streamline and organize the writing process for you and encourage you every step of the way as you hit important milestones. Our 1:1 coaching sessions are aimed toward developing you as an author, editing & fine-tuning your manuscript and getting it ready for publishing.


Formatting, Branding & Publishing Your Book

Once you have a finished manuscript, we help format your book inside and out and front to back. We help you make the thousand decisions involved with formatting and design, we help you copyright your work so you retain ownership, we assign you an ISBN, price your book, we help you craft your author bio, and turn your Google Doc into a formatted PDF that's ready to hit the printers.


Book Launch & Ongoing Author Services

Once your book is in your hand, we help you put on a branded book launch party where friends, family and fans can come celebrate your finished work.  Afterward, we take care of all the details from accounting, to royalty distribution, author copy printing, and shopping your book to distributors and bookstores so you can can enjoy being an author.

Additional Services

• Translations

• Audiobook Production

• Author Branding & Web Design

• Email Campaigns, Launch Parties

• Hourly retainer


Share your story

Testimony Campaign

As a response to what the Lord is doing through the power of the testimony, we've created an affordable track for believers to easily publish their story with us. We believe the world needs to hear your story, and we're here to help you tell it.

Author Resources


Author Launch E-Course

Coming soon!

“Delfina was irreplaceable in bringing my story to life. Right from the start, she brought her whole heart to the project. At every step she was there, bringing knowledge and expertise I wouldn’t have even known to look for. She always asked great questions, and patiently went back and forth with me to turn my book into something I’m truly proud of. Thank you Delfina!"

Nathan M, Author & Missionary

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