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Glance at services, packages and pricing for everything from author coaching, publishing, branding and launch parties.

Author Coaching

Helping authors grow in their authority, brand identity, and writing skills through our coaching & publishing services.


Brand Identity

Helping authors discover their unique voice in the world, how to brand their work, and craft products and a platform that encompasses all they are called to do and represent.



Connecting authors to their audience and purpose to bring power, relevancy, and relatability to their message and branding.


Writing Skills

Coaching writer to think like authors and craft the best story & narrative possible, efficiently relaying their message while engaging their readers.

Publishing Services

Author Coaching Services

1:1 Author mentorship

Manuscript development

Organizing content

Outlining & story-arcing




Publishing & Distribution

Editing, proofreading

Formatting manuscript

Front & back cover design


Pricing, ISBN & barcode

Book brand graphics package

Author page development

Online distribution

Sales & royalty management

Branding & Web Design

Brand identity

Branding questionnaire

Author bio

Branded web design

Custom e-commerce (E-course, bookings, store, etc.)

Custom web applications

Custom business email

Book Formats & Types

Picturesque coffee table hardcovers, paperback novels and personal growth books, illustrated children's books, business manuals and booklets, recipe books, devotionals, workbooks, graphic novels, e-books, audiobooks.

Additional Services

Translations (Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese + more)

Audiobook production & distribution

Hourly brand consultation


Book a discovery call

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