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How it works

Even though everyone's story is unique, our testimony author track is streamlined to make the process easy & pricing affordable.

Step one - Fill out our intake form

Step two - Book your first 30-min consultation

Step three - Submit your down payment

Step four - Start your testimony writing course e-course

We will direct you beyond this point.

Pricing Details

You can expect the writing, editing and publishing process to take between 7-9 months. Publishing one author on this track requires 20-30 hours of work behind the scenes.

$2,500 / $2,250
($250 student discount)

• 4 author coaching sessions 1:1

• two published versions of your book (paperback, e-book) 

• global online distribution

• editing & proofreading services 

• design, formatting, and publishing services

• help with contracts for artwork

• opportunity to be featured in our 'collections' series

• opportunity to be shopped to bigger distribution channels

• 10 free author copies


We understand that not everyone has an extra $2k to front for a project like this, which is why we've partnered with a non-profit organization to make all donations made toward your testimony book 100% tax deductible for family and friends.

If you'd like to make a donation toward a specific author or toward our general author fundraising fund.

Pay Schedule


Down payment: $500

+ 8 payments $250



Down payment: $250

+ 8 payments $250

Billed over 9 months


* Participants fundraising through our platform will pay the full fee up front.

  • Word Count Ceiling
    To participate in this discounted coaching and publishing track, we have set a word-count ceiling of 20,000 words per manuscript. This helps keep your price point within the $8.99-10.99 range, which secures your profit margin on printing costs, and it structures our publishing services' time of completion and cost to produce your book.
  • Standard Publisher/Author Agreement
    While our publishing and author coaching services are priced at roughly $0.10 per word, our publishing agreement with you will determine our financial agreement for sales made after your book launch. We offer a standard 30/70 split, with the author keeping 70% of all sales made online in our regular distribution channels. In our agreement, we establish a fixed $ price per book purchased by a major distributor in the case that your book options for a bigger distribution channel. We take care of working with the distributor, printing your book for this major sale, and agree to pay you within 30-60 days after monies are received from this deal. We do not collect money made from sales that you as an author make from your author copies since you are purchasing those copies from us at cost.
  • Book Format/Design Decisions
    What the publisher decides: Inside layout, font, and book size (typically 5'x8') Back cover material Back cover layout Pricing and ISBN What we determine together: Book title and subtitle Front cover design
  • Copyright Ownership
    We will walk you through how to copyright your book so that you will be the owner of your copyright for life. Copyrighting is done through the USA Copyright webpage for a cost of $65-80, which you will pay directly to their agency. ​ Our publishing agreement establishes that you, the owner of your copyright, are giving us the license to publish your book. There is never a copyright ownership transfer between publisher & author.
  • Translations, Audiobooks, Additional Coaching
    While we offer services in several languages as part of our set fee, you will have an option to pay for additional translations of your book to be produced (Typically priced at $.05 per word as an add-on). Additional add-on services include producing an audiobook, and booking additional 1:1 coaching hours to develop your manuscript. While every writer is different, we are confident that the resources and e-course we've provided you along with your 5 built-in 1:1 sessions are sufficient to get you to the publishing finish line with a book you love.
  • Payment Schedule
    After we've reviewed you intake form, you will be contacted to set up your first 1:1 coaching meeting and make your first down payment of $250 (students) or $500 (all others.) You will also receive access to our 3-part Testimony Writing Course e-course to get started structuring & writing your story. You will be set up on an automatic payment plan of $250 per month for 8 months when you make your down payment. Payment plans kick in the 2nd month.
  • Drop-outs & Refunds
    We've set up our billing in such a way as to give you an 'out' should you want one after the first milestone. In the first month, you will receive access to our Testimony Writing Course e-course along with resources and your first 1:1 author coaching session. Should you decide in this first month that moving forward with writing your book is just not for you, you will have the option to stop where you are. Your down payment will not be refunded to you, but you also will not be billed in our monthly payment plan afterward. However, once you make the decision to move forward with your book after the first month and a payment plan has been initiated for you, there will be no refunds for drop-outs, missed sessions, delays or other such events. Paying writers have priority in our coaching schedule and inbox, so if you decide not to take advantage of the 9 months of intensive attention we've allotted to give you, you will drop to the 'back of the line', so-to-speak, and authors hitting their milestones and tasks will take priority. We encourage you to take this writing & publishing process seriously! It's possible to complete the entire program in 3-5 months, but we've added in a big cushion for new writers because we know that making decisions on your manuscript can take much time.
  • Timeline Management
    This author track is set to run 6-9 months with milestones & deadlines along the way. We expect any willing writer to succeed within these parameter, but should you get stuck, stop moving forward, or decide to postpone your finish line, be advised that your automatic payments will continue to be billed and authors putting forth work will be given priority. Authors who start and stop and do not meet milestones, will not be given top priority in our schedule beyond the 9 month mark. We believe in the structure and quality of our Testimony Campaign author track and don't foresee any writer falling behind who is persistent, passionate, and responsibly prioritizing tasks. This fine print section is here to address those writers who decide to start/stop along the way.
  • Author Coaching
    Your author coach for 2024 is Delfina Geus. You have the option to meet in person 1:1 in Redding, CA or via ZOOM if you are living abroad.

The fine print.


Your questions answered


How long does this process take?

It doesn't take 20 years to write a book, though it's about how long a good story takes to live out. The writing & process we've outlined for this author track takes 3-6 months depending on how seriously you attack the writing process, and we're here to help get you to the finish line.


Do I have to be a good writer?

You don't have to be a prolific or professional writer to be chosen for this project. You just have to have a story worth sharing of what Jesus did for you. In our coaching sessions, through our e-course, and author resource worksheets, you will become the author you were made to be.


Can I get my book translated into other languages? 

We offer this publishing track in several different languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. That means that we will publish you in your chosen language determined from the beginning. If you would like to have your book translated into an additional language, you will need to pay for this service separately.


Can I get copies for myself as the author?

As part of completing this project, you will get 10 free author copies to give out as you please. If you would like additional copies, authors can order their books at cost ($3-4 each), though we suggest encouraging your friends and family to purchase your book online & leave a review to support you!


Do I have to live in Redding to participate?

We offer online coaching sessions for writers living outside of Redding, CA. Anyone with internet access can participate in this coaching track. 


Will you be promoting my book?

We are always promoting our authors through our marketing channels. Also, select authors are also chosen for optioning to bigger distribution channels and features in our collections series publications. Beyond that, it's your job as the author to promote your book (or better yet, to use it like the weapon of warfare that it is as you step into your calling ministering to people.)


How much money can I expect to make on my book?

The amount you will make on one book will depend on a few factors -- how it's being purchased and what price point we've set. Typically, authors make $5-6 per book priced around $10.99-12.99. We do not take money from your sales of author copies, though you will need to purchase those copies from us at cost.


We offer our standard 30/70 (publisher/author) publishing deal to all our authors and a set $ amount price per book in the case of a large-scale distribution deal. We handle all your sales, accounting and distribution longterm.


How can my friends and family get my book?

We will distribute your paperback and e-book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores. It will be available worldwide and eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. Select authors will also be distributed to mom & pop bookstores in our network, and those who are chosen for major distribution will have an expanded reach to major stores.

Head to the intake form

Don't wait. Take that first step toward sharing your story with the world.

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