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If I Can Heal, You Can Heal


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Deliverance has nothing to do with your past and everything to do with your future.

Trauma may have stolen your past, but it can’t steal your future. Your future belongs to God, and if you’re crazy enough to turn to God for healing like I did, you’ll find that who you were meant to be from the beginning of time is still a possibility for you — it’s time to imagine your life totally set free from PTSD.


About my story: If I was to write a movie synopsis about the story inside this book, it might just read, “The wildly hilarious and painfully honest story of a girl who set out to find out the truth about her mysterious past before her symptoms killed her, and the miraculous, unexpected discovery she made along the way that ended up saving her life.” It sounds good, but it wouldn’t be accurate because it wasn’t what I found that healed me – it was who found me that changed everything, and it will change everything for you.

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