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Whether you're a first-time author or you're looking for publishing support for your next book, we've got you covered.

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What to expect

What is the hybrid publishing model?


Less stressful than self-publishing, easier than traditional publishing.

Only 2% of writers who submit their work to a traditional publishing house get noticed, and brick-and-mortar sales account for less that 10-20% of an author's books sales, yet contributes to 20% of books returned post-sale. And while self-publishing isn't a total mystery, without proper guidance in development, editing, and design, most authors end up putting their heart on their sleeve, but put out a less-than-excellent book (the readers decide, not us!) 

Hybrid publishing bridges the gap between the two - lending the author expert guidance along the way from development through to distribution, while holding an open collaborative team-mindset toward the author. You're left with an industry-excellent product, and we help launch a satisfied, equipped happy author.


A collaborative experience.

With hybrid publishing, we understand that the writer is the expert on the book, while we are the expert on the publishing and book industry. We look to work collaboratively with our authors, guiding them into understanding how a book is made with excellence and making decisions together (as much as this is possible.) As the publisher, we do make the final decision where agreement is not made, but through the process of coaching and equipping our authors, this rarely is the case. We invest in the creative process with our authors to discover the best iteration of their book that will reach their target audience with the most pizzazz, at the best price-point with the best cover and polished text possible.


It means more royalties for you than with traditional publishing.

Not only is the publishing process collaborating and fun, but you also make more money with our hybrid deals than you would at a traditional publisher. Sure, if you self-published you would keep 100% of your royalties, but with what we bring to the table from setting you up, creating your book, representing your book as a Geus Publishing Group book, and managing your royalties ongoing, you keep the most with us.  While a traditional publishing deal offers the author 10-15% of net royalties, we offer our authors 70% of net royalties. We believe authors deserve to thrive.


You get to be part of our family of authors, and we love that.

We are a boutique publisher - which means we get to handpick who we work with. We take pride in our authors and treat them as part of the Geus Publishing Group family. Our logo will mark your work, which means something special to us. Your work will get promoted to our network and we will work to make sure all your questions are answered along the way, as well as afterwards as it pertains to getting you paid. We send quarterly sales reports and royalty payouts to our authors, and are never too busy to respond to your emails.


You invest in you, no matter which path you take. 

In order to even be considered for publishing at a traditional publisher, you will need to hire a literary agent. Then, before submitting your manuscript, you would need to invest in professional editing services to ensure your manuscript is above par to increase your chances of being in the 2% of millions of writers to get noticed. All of that means money out of your pocket, before you even have a book in your hand or even a deal on the table. With self-publishing, (if you're smart) you'll hire a professional editor to work on your manuscript developmentally as well as technically (grammar, writing style, and proofreading.) You'll also hire someone to help with your front and back cover design, as well as inside layout and formatting. All of that means money out of your pocket. 

You will invest in you, no matter which path you take. The hybrid model we offers combines the best of the professional help (editing, design & distribution) while keeping the process author-friendly from start to finish.

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