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  • Submission & Review
    Your first step to becoming an author with us will be to submit a sample of your work. Next, we will review your submission based on our submission criteria and core values. Every author who submits a sample of work will receive feedback from our editorial staff within 2 weeks that lets you know where you stand in the process of getting published with us. We are a private company and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Submission Criteria
    Our editorial staff is always looking for powerful, transformative, honest manuscripts that tell good stories in line with our core values. When reviewing authors' work, we score your work according to the following criteria and give feedback within 2 weeks. Submission Criteria: • Author's content and author biography is in line with our publishing company's core values • Author is able to transmit his or her authority about the subject matter with confidence. • Author displays strong command of the English language and has an adequate grasp of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. (*There is always room for growth for all authors when it comes to this, but we are looking for above average command of the language.) • Author expresses their thoughts cohesively and clearly throughout the entirety of the work in a manner which adheres strictly to the subject matter and title presented • Author's work feels 'alive' and has strong readability and relate-ability, ease and flow.
  • What to expect from the review process
    Our editorial staff will review and respond to submissions within 2 weeks. There are two possible outcomes for your submission: 1 - We will notify you that your work is ready for publishing. If your work is in line with our core values and ranks high in our submission criteria, then you will most likely be ready to begin the author onboarding process. *Authors who have previously reviewed and edited their manuscript having already worked with feedback given to you by friends, family, or professionals will most likely be ready to enter the publishing stage and on their way to beginning our author onboarding process. 2 - We will notify you that your work needs developing. We believe in helping writers become authors no matter what level of penmanship they're at. If your work shows potential because your subject matter is on point with our core values, but the manuscript ranks lower on our review criteria, our editorial staff will recommend you pursue whichever one of the following three options suits you best, and then resubmit your work. Option One: Use our free author resources to elevate your manuscript. Then, resubmit your work. Option Two: Take our author e-course, then resubmit your work. Option Three: Enroll in our Author Bootcamp and work 1:1 with a writing coach. These options will help you perfect your craft as an author and an artist. Our team is eager to see your work evolve as you grow as a writer and an author. We welcome and celebrate resubmissions.
  • Author Onboarding Process
    If our review team informs you that your work is ready to enter the publishing stage, our legal team will contact you to begin the author onboarding process. Requirements for onboarding: • If you have art associated with your work that has been done by someone other than you, you will need to show us that you have a 'work for hire' agreement with this artist, which tells us you own the rights to all the graphics, art, illustrations, etc. • You will need to copyright your work. • We recommend that you have author photos and a bio written specifically for the production of your book. For free author resources & advice in getting these three requirements done, click here. Onboarding process: 1 - Once you have the following requirements done, we will be able to begin the negotiation of your author publishing licensing agreement. This licensing agreement will have a 'manuscript delivery date' that we will assign to you based on how close-to-finished you are with your manuscript. Producing and publishing an audiobook is optional, but if you decide to pursue this option, terms for your audiobook will be negotiated up front in the initial onboarding process so that the full scope of the work will be set up before we embark on publishing you. 2 - Once you become a signed author in our publishing company (yay!), you will need to create a member profile on our website and fill out our Manuscript Development Form. You can expect to answer marketing and branding questions about you as an author, the manuscript we are publishing, and design choices to help our design team prepare the best work for you. 3 - Once we receive the Manuscript Development Form from you, you will deliver your finished manuscript to us by the delivery date in our agreement and the Publishing Stage can begin.
  • Royalties & Payments
    We believe the money should flow to the author as much as possible. Each author's licensing agreement differs and is negotiated on a case by case basis. Typically, an author can expect to receive no less than 60% of net sales as a royalty payment for standard online distribution sales, and no less than $1 per book for major distribution deals + 15% of the distributor's resale royalty. (These rates are just an example, each author's licensing deal will be unique and built based on length of book, sale price, cost to print, and other factors.) Sales reports and author payouts are sent to authors every quarter. As a standard part of every publishing deal we create, we charge a standard publishing fee which the author must pay up front or he or she may have the fee be recouped against royalty sales (that means that royalties from sales or distribution deals help to pay the fee before an author begins to receive payment. Our standard publishing fee begins at $500 but ranges to $1,200 to $3,000 depending on several key factors: Factors that determine our publishing fee: • how healthy your manuscript is upon submission • how many books we're publishing for you (paperback, hardcover, e-book, audiobook) • the length of your manuscript • whether or not production is needed on an audiobook • how many translated versions you would like us to create At this point in time, we do not offer author advances for publishing your work with us.
  • The Publishing Stage
    Once you deliver your finished manuscript to us, you will be assigned a managing editor who will oversee the process of taking your manuscript to the finish line of becoming a published book. This managing editor will be your main point of contact throughout the entire publishing stage. The Publishing Stage: • Part 1: Editing & Proofreading | Our editorial staff will do a fine-detail fine-tuning of your work and present to you possible edits, corrections, and rewrite suggestions for your approval and reworking. • Part 2: Production & Design | Our production & design team will consult with you to define the design of the book, from layout options, to designing the front and back cover, creating any necessary graphic inserts in your book, designing the table of contents and copyright page, as well as designing your author page. You will also be assigned an ISBN. • (Optional) Part 3: Audiobook Production | If you are producing an audiobook alongside your physical and digital book, you will enter the audiobook production phase. Our audio production team will contact you about beginning this process, booking a time in the recording studio, and prepping you for the work ahead. Meanwhile, our design team will create the cover of your audiobook. • Final Phase: Publishing & Distribution | Once the manuscript has passed through the first two phases, it is ready for publishing. Our sales & marketing team will send you an Author Proof of the physical copy for you to see your book and approve it for publishing. From here, we'll do minor fine-tuning according to any notes you or we may have, which means a second or third Author Copy will be sent to you. After we both agree on a final physical book, we'll submit your physical book and the digital book for publishing and distribution. Time frames: You can expect the publishing stage to take up to three months. Once the work is submitted online, the review process by our third-party distributors, like Amazon, takes about one week for digital and physical books, and Audible takes about 10-15 days.
  • Producing an Audiobook
    While you can hire us to record your audiobook and deliver audio files to you, you will need to be publishing a physical book with us in order for us to distribute your audiobook. We do not publish audiobooks separate from publishing your physical or digital book. Recommendations for audiobooks: We recommend the author perform the narration of his or her audiobook. This is a very special and powerful way to connect your subject matter to your readers. In the case that you need a voiceover actor or actress to narrate your book for you, however, we can help find the right person for the job. You don't need experience recording to produce an audiobook with us. We recommend you read your book out loud a few times before coming in for your recording session. Recording process: • An average-length book takes about 3.5hrs to read out loud. You can expect a recording session to be 2-hours for every 1 hour of reading time. That means that a 3-hour book would take 6 hours to record, a 4-hour book would take 8 hours to record, and so on. • The editing process of an audiobook takes about 2-3 weeks, after which we make sure your files are to the distribution quality necessary, and then we deliver your audio files to you via email or WeTransfer. • For authors signed to a publishing deal, we will also distribute the audiobook in the final phase of the Publishing Phase, as well as deliver the audio files for you to own and keep. *Again, while we offer recording services to authors, we only publish audiobooks for authors who are signed to us, whose work we're publishing in physical and digital form*
  • Distribution Deals
    Geus Publishing is a company on a mission to change the world one good story at a time, which means we are always looking for ways to get your books in front of more people. As an author of Geus Publishing, you can count on us to actively look for ways to get your book out there through our distribution channels and buyer relationships. (Terms for all distribution deals are negotiated upfront in the initial author's licensing agreement.)
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