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Core Values & Submission Criteria

At Geus Publishing, we believe that good stories have the potential to change the world because good stories impact lives for the better. Our authors share our heartbeat for purity and are committed to crafting their words in such a way as to leave a lasting legacy of hope, goodness, and transformation in each one of their readers' hearts.

If you're an author looking to publish your work with us, these are the three core values you can expect to see and feel in all the products we create.




We don't publish book simply to entertain readers. We are on a mission to change the world one good story at a time, and that means publishing books that are centered on the truth and purity of Jesus, though we do not require and aren't necessarily looking for books that are strictly Christian in genre. 

We will not publish stories that place emphasis or focus on violence, perversion, obscenity, or lewdness. We are aware that certain memoirs will include reference to these topics, and therefore will allow mention of past events & personal histories that include these topics within measure, so long as the main focus of the narrative is placed on goodness, purity, nobility, hope, dignity and overcoming.

We believe that words are powerful and powerful people know how to use words to build others up, educate them, and equip them to be strong individuals and contributors to their families and society. We work with authors who are passionate about creating literary works that are compelling, enriching, and inspiring in nature, and that also portray the author's inner vision for a world transformed by goodness.


As a publishing house, our focus is equally on the books we publish as it is on the authors we empower. We believe in giving a voice to the message and mission in each author's heart knowing that empowering our creatives gives them the power to empower their readers and change the world.

We are committed to creating excellent products that our readers can enjoy and trust, which is why we require excellence from our staff and each author for every part of the book making process, from submission to distribution. 


We take great care in reviewing author submission and giving feedback. We take joy in carefully crafting a design that stands powerfully alongside our author's manuscripts. We take our time to develop each story and help our authors express themselves with excellence while maintaining readability and relate-ability. We are eager to see our authors' work published and in the hands of as many readers as possible, which means we work in a timely matter to publish the works and actively pursue distribution.

Core Values

Family Values

We are a private, family-led company run by a husband and wife with Christian values. We believe in God's original design for family, gender, and ethics, and passionately pursue projects and authors who embrace life the way we do. We reserve the right to service any individual who would be better served by a more liberal institution.

Submission Criteria

• Author's content and author biography is in line with our publishing company's core values

• Author is able to transmit his or her authority about the subject matter with confidence.

• Author displays strong command of the English language and has an adequate grasp of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. (*There is always room for growth for all authors when it comes to this, but we are looking for above average command of the language.)

• Author expresses their thoughts cohesively and clearly throughout the entirety of the work in a manner which adheres strictly to the subject matter and title presented

• Author's work feels 'alive' and has strong readability and relate-ability, ease and flow.

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